Sterling Green Community Improvement Association

                                                  DEED RESTRICTIONS

When a notice has been issued and the violation cannot be corrected immediately, the homeowner must call the HOA office to request an extension to correct the violation as soon as possible.

Below is a summary of Sterling Green CIA's most frequently asked about deed restrictions.

1. Parking is NOT ALLOWED on lawns or sidewalks.

2. Vehicles, trucks, boats, campers or other vehicles are not allowed to be stored, parked or kept on any driveway or in the street in front of the lot in the subdivision unless the vehicle is in use on a day to day basis off the premises and such parking is only temporary and does not exceed forty-eight (48) hours in duration. Vehicles that are not being used can only be stored in the garage or carport.

3. Trash cans, bagged garbage, barbecue pits, toys, etc. should be stored out of public view. Trash cans/debris should not be placed on the curb for garbage pick-up until after 6:00 P.M. the day prior to the scheduled pick-up day. Plastic trash bags are to be placed in the trash can, unless it has grass or leaf debris. On garbage and trash pick up days, garbage and trash should be placed in containers and placed out for trash pickup. 

4. Lawns are to be kept cut, edged and free of debris on a regular basis.  Grass clippings, etc. are NOT allowed to be swept or blown into the gutters at any time.

5. Dead trees and partially dead trees need to be cut down or trimmed as required.  The debris should be hauled off because garbage pick-up will not haul it off.  Tree trunks of trees that have been cut down should be grinded.

6. Only proper landscaping is allowed for front of the residence.  Vegetable gardens are not allowed to be planted in public view. (Backyard Only).

7. A/C window units are not allowed to be installed. 

8. Basketball Goals are not to be stored on the street at any time. 

9. 18-Wheelers are not allowed in subdivision at any time, except for deliveries.  

10. Per Harris County Ordinance, animals are not allowed to run loose. They must be on a leash or kept enclosed in the backyard at all times.  Farm animals are not allowed in the subdivision at any time. (Farm animals include: chickens, cows, horses, etc.) No more than two (2) of each type of animal is allowed for each resident. They must not bark constantly because that is an annoyance and nuisance to other residents. 

11. Garage doors should be in good, working condition at all times--damaged doors must be replaced.

12. Fences need to be in good condition and built according to (ACC) guidelines. (No side or rear fence shall be more than 8 feet in height. Gates must have latches for closure. Bricks cannot be used instead of latches.

13. (ACC) approval is required for ALL paint color changes and ALL exterior modifications.  (Forms are available on the SGCIA website and office).

14. Flyers and Advertisement Signs are not allowed to be posted on mailboxes or light poles or anywhere in the subdivision. 

15. Individual Garage Sales are not allowed.

16. Use of Fireworks are banned-- they are not allowed in the subdivision at any time. 

17. The burning of any type of trash or debris in this community is not allowed.

18. Businesses are not allowed to operate within this Community.

19. There is a Noise Ordinance in this Community which includes loud music, parties, barking dogs, etc. 

20. ATV (3-wheelers/4-wheelers), dirt bikes, golf carts, etc. are not allowed to be parked/stored in public view, or operated, etc. within the subdivision at any time for any reason. Additionally, operating any of these type of vehicles on a public road is a violation of County/State law as well.  

21. Pools (In-ground and above-ground) must be kept clean and clear at all time to avoid rodents, snakes, frogs, etc. from living in it. 

22. Solicitation is not allowed in the community at any time.

23. PODs/Dumpsters are not allowed in the community unless approved in advanced by the HOA.

Questions, Concerns, Comments?

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