Annual Assessment Fees

Current Assessment Fees

The Sterling Green Community Improvement Association has one of the lowest annual assessment fees in the Houston area.  Since 2010, the assessment fee has remained at $270.00 annually. 


Unpaid Assessment Fees

If an assessment fee goes unpaid, Sterling Green will seek the legal remedies available to collect the past due assessment fee.  These remedies include liens against your property and judgments filed against you in District Court.

Once an assessment fee reaches a certain age, the association has options to pursue foreclosure in the Texas Civil District Courts.

Understand that, when assessment fees are not collected, the community has to make up the difference.

Are You Having Financial Problems?  You Have Options.

We, the officers, directors, managers and employees of the association want to work with you.

If you are having problems making ends meet, come to the office and setup a payment plan or inquire to what can be done to help you make it through a hard time. 


Under Texas law, specifically the Texas Property Code, we are required to work with you to help you keep your home and we will gladly help you make it happen. Also, under Texas Law, your right to privacy is guaranteed. 

Transfer Fees/Refinance Fees:

Sales Transfer Fee – $250.00

Refinance Fee – $100.00

Processing Fee for Sale or Refinance –$25.00 for the first request and $10.00 for each additional request.


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